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Wedding Receptions

How long should I hire you? Your only job is to play the music right?

Although I can just play the music if you wish, I almost always do much more than just play music at a wedding reception.

Here's a list of a few things my wedding receptions typically consist of:

  • Entertain your guests with light easy going music while they arrive and wait for the wedding party to arrive.

  • Make sure the champagne is ready and/or has been poured

  • Double check that the cake cutting silverware is available

  • Coordinate with event planners, caterers, photographers, and videographers the events of the evening

  • Introduce the wedding party upon entrance

  • Introduce the person giving the dinner blessing or give the dinner blessing

  • Introduce the Best Man/Maid of Honor for the toasts

  • Dismiss tables for dinner (if having buffet)

  • Announce the cake cutting

  • Announce and play music for:

  • Bride and Groom First Dance

  • Wedding Party Dance

  • Father of the Bride Dance

  • Mother of the Groom Dance

  • Anniversary Dance

  • Dollar(Money) Dance

  • Bouquet/Garter Toss

  • Get the dancing started with well known music to fit your taste

  • Play games (Shoe Game, Pick Her Out, Blindfolded Dance Off, etc)

  • Keep the dancing going with popular dance-able music

I recommend hiring your DJ the same amount of time your guests will be present. I will setup 2 hours before my start time an end at the contracted time. It takes me about 45 minutes to pack up and drive off.

I want to rearrange the order of evets at my reception, is that ok?

Absolutely! Your wedding reception is YOURS!

My reception planner allows for modifications in the order of events and when we talk in person a couple of weeks before the reception I will be sure to firm up the order of events.

Some customers prefer to cut the cake before dinner, others want to have the father of the bride/mother of the groom dances before the bride and groom's first dance. No matter what order you would like to do things, I can work with your plan to make the reception fun and memorable.

I do not want the chicken dance/macarena/other cheesy song played. Is that possible?

My reception planner has places for you to request special songs as well as list songs that you do not want played. I respect your requests and will do what it takes to make sure the songs you don't want played are not played.

Do you provide other services beside DJ'ing?

There are a couple other services I offer to help make your wedding and reception a unique and fun experience.

  1. Photo Booth - A fun way that your guests will remember your wedding for years to come

  2. Uplighting - This provides a touch of class to any event and really shows off a beautiful room

  3. Karaoke - For those who are musically able that are not afraid to sing a tune in front of others


Can I hire you for music at my ceremony?

Yes! Typically when doing this I will set up for the reception 3-4 hours early then set up an extra set of equipment at the ceremony. I will stay at the ceremony until it is over and the majority of your guests have exited. I then quickly take the equipment down and arrive at the reception hall, close to the same time your guests are arriving, to play the music.

School/Youth Dances & Parties

A lot of the music my children/students listen to has foul language. Do you have clean or edited music?

Yes. One of my top priorities is making sure everyone is happy and not offended by the music played. Most of my music is clean or has been edited. If it is not clean/edited, I will verify with the administrators or adults before playing anything that may be of concern.

Do you dance and interact with the students and youth?

I will play quite a few songs to see if my audience needs help getting on the dance floor or is shy to move from their seats, If so then I will encourage dancing by playing a few popular dance songs and even help start the dance. I will also interact with the students and youth by playing ice breaker games such as limbo, musical chairs, or lap chain.

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