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Outdoor Wedding Venues


So you've been on a hunt, looking for a place to have your wedding, somewhere where you can have a beautiful backdrop of the river, bluffs, or greenery. Chances are pretty good that your DJ has been to most of these places and has good knowledge of things like: "Is there cover if it rains?", "Is this a really windy spot where not even hairpins and moose can hold a simple bun together?", "Is there power available for music and microphones?", "Does this location have enough room for 200+ people?", "Is there any/enough parking?", "Where will my grandparents sit?". An experienced DJ or wedding planner can answer these questions pretty easily.


You are pretty safe to assume that any winery, public park, or golf course will allow you to have your wedding at their facility however if you can't think of them all or need some ideas below is a list of venues in the greater St. Louis area that I recommend you look into if you are considereing an outdoor ceremony and/or reception. If you have more locations to add give me a shout, I'd be happy to add your favorite outdoor wedding spot to this list.

1. Alton - Alton Amphitheater 
2. Alton - Foster Township 
3. Alton - Piasa Bird 
4. Alton - Riverview Park
5. Alton - Rose Garden at Gorden Moore Park 
6. Alton - Spencer T Olin Golf Course 
7. Alton - The Beall Mansion
8. Alton - Woodlands Golf Course 
9. Aviston - Hidden Lake Winery
10. Belleville - The Weingarten
11. Belleville - Ravissant Winery
12. Belleville - The Wine Tap
13. Collinsville - Willoughby Farms 
14. Collinsville - Woodland Park 
15. East Alton - Melvin Price Lock & Dam 
16. Edwardsville - Crystal Garden 
17. Edwardsville - Edwardsville Township Park 
18. Edwardsville - LCCC N.O. Nelson Campus 
19. Godfrey - Glazebrook Park 
20. Godfrey - Lockhaven Country Club 
21. Godfrey - Rolling Hills Golf Course 
22. Godfrey - The Nature Institute 
23. Grafton - Aerie's Terrace 
24. Grafton - Pere Marquette 
25. Hartford - Confluence Tower 
26. Holiday Shores - Holiday Shores Lake House 
27. Ladue - Tilles Park 
28. Maryville - Villa Marie Winery 
29. St. Louis - Bissinger's
30. St. Louis - Pevely Farms Golf Course 
31. Troy - Tri-Township Park 
32. Wood River - Belk Park 

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